Dj philemon

About DJ Philemon


Philemon loves to play hardstyle and (happy) hardcore behind the turntables.

During the spring of 1956, Philemon was born in Breda.  She still lives in this city, where sociability and music are always connected. At a young age, Philemon was fully into cassette tapes recording radio Veronica music. In addition, she played percussion instruments and accordion. As a teen, she preferred listening to hard rock (Golden Earring, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Status Quo, Rolling Stones), melodic music (Santana, Massada) and top 40 music (Earth & Fire, Shocking Blue). In the early nineties, where most of her peers dropped out, a whole new world opened up for Philemon thanks to the first house and (happy) hardcore sounds (Scooter, 2Unlimited, Prodigy, The Darkraver). She loves to surround herself with music all day long. Every new day the music plays before the lights turn on.

During the summer of 2014, Philemon finally said: “It’s now or never, I’m ready for a new challenge!” Fascinated by hardstyle and hardcore music and the techniques behind it, she entered the Dj School International (Breda). After six months of hard training and practice, she played her very first thirty-minute set behind the decks at a local pub. Her excellent sense of rhythm, the love for various musical styles and her unstoppable amount of energy, all came together whilst she took place behind the decks. Then it was clear: DJ Philemon was born to be behind the decks. She is a real treat to watch and listen.

Since 2018 she started exploring her production skills and created several remixes and bootlegs of the 70’s music tracks.

In the media

Her age combined with the hardstyle and hardcore music she plays makes her stand out.
She is therefore regularly seen and heard in the media, such as Jeugdjournaal, Omroep Brabant, Omroep MAX, magazine Vriendin, Coen & Sander Show (538), Radio2 and in fragments at Jensen and RTL Late Night.

Going viral

At the Ladies Night 20th November 2018, Philemon unexpectedly played a set at DJ School International in Breda. Bax Music live-streamed her set which went viral with nearly 3 million views and over 50,000 times shares. Lots of responses came from all over the world. Watch this video HERE.

On the 14th of may 2020 Philemon went Viral again during her Live Facebook Streaming @ Charlys Rotterdam . Within 3 days the live stream was watched by over 1.000.000 viewers. After 2 weeks almost 2 million. Unfortunatly, due to internal problems @ Charlys Rotterdam the Restaurants Facebook page was taken offline. A copy of the Livestream can be found on YouTube.